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DHS - Drexel - Beyond Psychosis: Emerging Priorities in Serious Mental Illness - VIRTUAL RECORDED Online Registration

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Beyond Psychosis: Emerging Priorities in Serious Mental Illness 
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Virtual-Recorded Training
Beyond Psychosis: Emerging Priorities in Serious Mental Illness
Training offered by Drexel University
Continuing Education Credits          No Cost          1 hr.

Description:  In today’s behavioral health services, there is a pressing need for practitioners to place greater emphasis on working with service recipients using sound theoretical, evidence-based knowledge and skills. This training intends to facilitate the translation of these theoretical approaches to service delivery in a manner that  recognizes that the best evidence is the personal experience of each individual. As such, this is not an in-depth analysis of specific clinical interventions but an opportunity to guide, plan and suggest down-to-earth treatment approaches that practitioners can use on a day-to-day basis with   individuals living with serious mental illness.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discuss the manifestations of serious mental illness
  2. Review the impact of Stress Vulnerability Model of Serious Mental Illness
  3. Identify practitioner capabilities for effectively engaging, assessing and formulating Care
  4. Examine the necessity for working with Families and Informal Caregivers
  5. Develop strategies for working with people with SMI who are angry and at risk for offending (aka resistance)
In order to receive continuing education credits at no cost to you for this course:
  • You must pre-register
  • You must be a Chester County Provider
  • You must complete the post-test and evaluation form at the end of the session
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This course is available NOW through 6/28/2024,
or until maxium capacity (50) is reached

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