Chester County

**Accessing Systems in Chester County - 2023 Schedule Online Registration

2023 Zoom Training Schedule
Serving Systems in Chester County

Training time: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm via Zoom

Accessing ADULT Serving Systems in Chester County

  • Wednesday, 1/11/23 - completed
  • Wednesday, 5/17/23 - completed
  • Wednesday, 9/13/23 - completed

Accessing CHILD Serving Systems in Chester County

  • Wednesday, 3/8/23 - completed
  • Wednesday, 7/12/23 - completed
  • Wednesday, 11/29/23

Registration information will be sent out via Constant Contact approximately 4 weeks prior to the scheduled training date.  To receive Human Services Announcements and Training alerts, register hereclick here.

It is only necessary to take the training once (Adult and/or Child as it pertains to your position); there is NOT a yearly attendance requirement.  Limited to 75 attendees; no wait list.

Certificates are issued after it is determined you were registered to attend; and remained on the Zoom for the duration of the training.

Questions? Email:


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