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DHS-Drexel - OCT/NOV 2021 On-Line - Pathologizing is Easy Online Registration

Not available until 10/1/21.

On-Line Training

Pathologizing is Easy:
Finding Mental Disorders Everywhere
Training offered by Drexel University
Continuing Education Credits            No Cost            1.5 hrs.
Description: In our field, it is always important to understand that proper diagnostic decision making requires more than checking off symptoms from a list in the DSM. There are many limitations and barriers to an accurate diagnosis, including individual, helper, cultural, and information variables. This unique, engaging workshop will explore each of these areas, culminating in an exercise highlighting the dangers of creating diagnoses with limited information. This interactive discussion is designed to explore select symptoms of common disorders, while also demonstrating the absurdity of being able to find mental disorders everywhere! More specifically, workshop participants will examine clusters of mental health symptoms, and apply (mis)diagnosis to famous, fictional characters from pop culture.
Learning Objectives:  By the end of this web-based training, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss the need for full assessment data to guide the diagnostic and treatment process.
  • Examine at least five factors which can interfere with diagnosis, including symptom overlap, clinician bias, individual/cultural factors, and information variables.
  • Explore basic symptomatology and apply diagnostic labels to famous, fictional characters from pop culture.

In order to receive continuing education credit at no cost to you for this course:

  • you must pre-register
  • you must be a Chester County Provider

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